Our Story

GLOBAL ENERGY S.R.L. was established in 2011, daughter of ELTEC SRL boasting a thirty years experience in the naval and photovoltaic industrial electrical sector.The company has more than 500 employees, of which 70 specialized technicians, warranty of a continuously improved know how, which allows her to be a leader in the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems on an industrial scale.

The company, based in 3 continents, focuses completely on the renewable energy sector, operating in his mainly development centers and with more than 1 giga currently installed and in production.

Company mission is to provide the best solution to finalize the projects, starting from the technical and logistic feature, unto the establishment of good commercial relationships with the places and communities where it's operating, ensuring a final results that deeply satisfies client's needs.

From the design to the sites maintenance, GLOBAL ENERGY SRL undertakes a meticoulous follow up on all her work, in order to excel on the market in the long term.

Solar power

Believing in conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity.

Global technology

Aiming leading provider of photovoltaic systems in the world.

Energy systems

Installation, connection and laying of high voltage cables.

Our corporate structure

  • A building used as a workspace of 1200 square meters, a building for offices of 150 square meters
  • CAD system with three workstations, complete with three-dimensional software
  • CNC machines for sheet metal working for cadres
  • Control instrumentation
  • Means-carrying and cargo
  • Handling equipment for the various processes at work sites
  • Technical Director: Responsible for design, planning and production scheduling
  • Commercial Director: responsible for the promotion, relationships with customers, financial planning
  • Buying office: a manager and a warehouseman
  • Office design: three employees
  • Office administration and management control: two employees
  • External productions, four foremen, eight team leaders, thirty-five workers

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Collective years experience working with clients like Lamborghini and Ferrari.


Giga currently installed and in production photovoltaic systems all around the world.


Square meters workspace building for operational and organizational offices.


Collaborators working with the same passion for developing energy design electricity.